Our goal is to be a pioneer. Thus, we are collaborating with academia not only to use the latest and the most advanced tools and methods for improving the quality of results but also to always keep them up to date. We provide accurate, detailed and reliable images of the underground by applying advanced modelling and inversion methods and techniques to geophysical data. 

We are experienced geophysicists and we have the support and help of Dr. Colin Farquharson (professor at the Department of Earth Sciences of Memorial University of Newfoundland) and Dr. Peter Lelièvre (assistant professor at the Mathematics and Computer Science Department of Mount Allison University) as our advisors. We are using software which is developed by them and their research groups. 

Geotexera is built in 2020 to use the software in (your) projects! Before Geotexera, we used the software in different projects for Vale Canada, Barrick Gold and CMIC Footprints (Cameco, Orano Canada and Canadian Malartic Exploration).


  • Cutting-edge technology (we are collaborating with academia to always keep our tools up to date)

  • We use our own software (thus, it is not a black box for us!)

  • Our software is the most fully functional inversion software (we have all practical and useful inversion methods and tools in our software)

  • Our software allows us to build models using one platform and has a path towards a common earth model for them all.

  • We are always adding new tools and methods to our software

  • We are the first and the only company which uses unstructured meshes in all modelling and inversions

  • We work with small scale to large scale datasets

  • We work with ground, borehole, airborne, and marine datasets

  • We are experienced geophysicists

  • ...

  • Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the most reliable results.