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At Geotexera, we are pioneers in developing advanced geophysical modelling and inversion methods. We provide fast, accurate geophysical models and interpretations to companies across the Mining and Oil & Gas Exploration industries. By collaborating closely with academia, we continuously optimize our techniques and actively seek to expand the limits of what is possible for 3D geophysical modelling and inversion.

Geotexera was formed by Mehrdad Darijani in 2020 to bring advanced 3D geophysical modelling from academia to the broader geophysical exploration industry. Our team comprises expert geophysicists with years of technical focus on 3D modelling and inversion methods. Our advisory board includes Dr. Colin Farquharson (professor at the Department of Earth Sciences of Memorial University) and Dr. Peter Lelièvre (assistant professor at the Mathematics and Computer Science Department of Mount Allison University), and we are excited to use software developed by their highly respected research groups. Geotexera has used the software in various worldwide projects for Expert GeophysicsHighgold MiningF3 Uranium, Jaxon MiningDLP Resources, Glencore Canada & Volcan, and more. Ask them about the quality and speed of our services!

  • We offer Cutting-Edge 3D Modelling and Inversion Technology! We maintain close ties with academia and actively work to improve our techniques and software.
  • Your data isn’t going into a black box; we create the software; we use and understand what’s happening from top to bottom. Our experienced geophysicists stand by our results!
  • We provide the most fully functional inversion software on the market! Packed with practical tools and a variety of inversion methods.
  • Models built in our software are “common earth models,” meaning they are useable on all platforms! Export them and use them wherever you like!
  • We are constantly adding new tools and methodologies to our software to simplify processes and improve results.
  • We are the first and only geophysical modelling company to use unstructured meshes in all modelling and inversions, guaranteeing the most accurate geologic representations possible.
  • We work with datasets of any scale, from small to large to enormous; we can handle it!
  • We work with ground, borehole, airborne, and marine datasets.
  • ...
  • Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the most reliable and fastest results!
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