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One Software, Many Uses

MAGNUM is the most fully functional geophysical modelling and inversion software.


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One Software, Different Tools

PODIUM is a suite of software utilities for the preparation of data and inversion mesh.



For more information, please email us at “”.

A brief review of the "inversion" part of the software

Inversion types:

  • Independent

  • Joint (10 methods)

  • Cooperative

  • Constrained (bounds and reference models)

  • Clustering

  • MVI (Cartesian & spherical methods)

  • ... and any combination of them.

Inversion models:

  • Mesh-based

  • Surface Geometry

  • Lithological

Inversion techniques:

  • Various regularization measures:

    • rotated smoothness axes 

    • total variation

    • Lp-norms (such as L1 & L2)

  • Local and global optimizations

Geophysical methods:

  • Magnetic (TMI, amplitude & vector-components)

  • Gravity

  • Gravity Gradiometry

  • Seismic Refraction (first arrival travel-times)

  • Muography

  • IP & DC Resistivity

  • Magnetotelluric (ground & airborne)

  • EM (will be ready in 2023)

Mesh:​ The unstructured meshes make it easy to work with any type (airborne, ground, borehole) and size of data. 

Why is it different?!

All in One

The software uses a large variety of modelling and inversion tools and methods. It works with many types of geophysical data on one platform.  

Easy to Use

Working with this powerful software is easy and joyful! It works on

Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Full Support

We always keep the cutting-edge technology in the software up-to-date. Software support services are almost unlimited.

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