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One Software, Different Tools

MAGNUM is the most fully functional geophysical modelling and inversion software.


Depending on your need, different types of licenses are available. For more information, please email us at “”.

One Software, Many Uses

PODIUM is a suite of software utilities for the preparation of data and inversion mesh.



PODIUM is free for MAGNUM's license holders. For more information, please email us at “”.

Join happy users!

All in One

The software uses a large variety of modelling and inversion tools and methods. It works with many types of geophysical data on one platform.  

Easy to Use

Working with this powerful software is easy and joyful! It works on

Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Full Support

We always keep the cutting-edge technology in the software up-to-date. Software support services are almost unlimited.

Get an educational version of MAGNUM for free!

Data and cell numbers are limited in the educational version of MAGNUM. If you are interested in trying it, please email us at "info@geotexera" and let us know about your company and your experience level with inversion and modelling as well.

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