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Unstructured Mesh


Structured Mesh                                      Unstructured Mesh

We are the first and only geophysical modelling company to use unstructured meshes in all modelling and inversions. Unlike conventional structured meshes which use rectilinear cells to model 3D subsurface structures, the unstructured meshes use tetrahedral cells that allow high-resolution topography, geological contacts/surfaces, and borehole information to be exactly added to the models to increase the accuracy of the results.

The unstructured meshes are unrivalled powerful tools for discretizing the subsurface into cells.


Did you know that our software (MAGNUM) works with structured (rectilinear) meshes as well (besides unstructured meshes)? The figure below shows the inversion results of the same gravity data on two different meshes with similar cell numbers.

Which one do you really prefer?! 

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